Exhibition LET116

A showcase of the inspiring work created by the students of Transportation design at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. Sponsored project by VW / Audi / Local motors / WERKEMOTION. Photo by © Adam Šakovy for SCD

TORSUS Praetorian & Tatra Dakar test

TORSUS Praetorian offroad test + Tatra Jamal EVO III Our Werkemotion design was invited by our client to participate in testing of Torsus Praetorian designed by Werkemotion design studio. Invited specialists were focused primarily on data collection for improving driving performance and updating of suspensions, during one-day testing close to the Malacky, Slovakia. Besides, for…

Praga R1 + Slovakiaring

  Have you heard about PRAGA Cars? One of the oldest automobile manufacturers in the world gradually returns to the international scene. Praga has manufactured its own endure bikes, karts and exquisite racing car Praga R1. We got an invitation to visit our friend Juraj Mitro who work on the R1. What a spaceship! They are…

NESEDA new color options

NESEDA new colors

NESEDA got new color options Our project NESEDA just got new fresh colors of Bombay/Modena cloth. I took a couple of studio photos + post-production of our product in cooperation with (in this case)  model Marek Lutz and Dominika Krupová, normally part of CEO/COO of Neseda management. www.neseda.com

Torsus Praetorian 4×4 design

Prvý off-road autobus vzniká na Slovensku   [SK] Vyrábať terénne auto s pohonom všetkých štyroch kolies, ktoré dokáže zdolať náročnejšie trasy, je pri dnešnej obľube SUV pomaly tá najbežnejšia vec. Je však jeden segment, v ktorom sa tento trend zatiaľ nepresadil. Ešte žiadna firma si netrúfla vyrábať off-roadový autobus, ktorý zvláda aj tie najnáročnejšie prekážky.…

Summer workshop 2018

[EN] As of yesterday, we have begun our summer seminar at WERKEMOTION for young graduates and future graduates of School of Applied Arts Josefa Vydru in Bratislava. They will learn our design process from first drafts, through creative thinking and design to end product presentation. More than ever, the emphasis will lie in the process,…

RCA degree show | Vehicle design

Royal College of Art Vehicle design – degree show summer term 2018 During my business trip to the UK, I had the quick opportunity to visit the Royal College of Art in London. Luckily, they just had a degree show exhibition and here are a few quick mobile photos of that.


It is done. We did it. Eleven brand new Master of Arts designers (Industrial / Transportation design) just finished their master degree. Here is quick photo report from public final presentations (06/06/2018) and exhibition (06/06 – 14/06/´18). Huge congrats to all of my classmates and thank you for great 6 years. I look forward to the results…


I am happy to say that all of us from 2018 industrial/transportation class successfully finished our Master´s degree at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Thanks to family, friend and all teachers and huge congrats, mates! Let´s do some DESIGN 🙂 Photo: Teraza Rapčanová

Concours d’elegance 2018 | Piestany (SK)

I was invited to Concours d’elegance (“Zlaté stuhy”) to Piešťany, Slovakia. Unfortunately due to lack of time I spend there just a few tens of minutes, but I was amazed by this wonderful event. A lot of historic four and two wheels icons with a great atmosphere in the Slovakian spa town. Here are quick shots…