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Automotive design


  • Date: May 1, 2016

  • Skills: research, strategy, design thinking, sketching, 3D modeling, Rendering, Graphic design, CNC miling, 3D printing, Vacuum, paint job

  • Client: AFAD

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Bachelor thesis on AFAD Transportation design degree (2015)


Czech company Tatra is the third oldest company producing cars and has an unparalleled history. The company was founded in 1850 as Schustala & Company, later renamed to Nesselsdorfer Wagenbau-Fabriksgesellschaft, when it became a wagon and carriage manufacturer. In 1897, Tatra produced the first motor car in central Europe, the Präsident automobile.In 1919, it changed its name again to Kopřivnická vozovka a.s., and in 1921 changed from the Nesselsdorfer marque to the Tatra badge, named after the nearby Tatra Mountains. 1933 to 1952 were the glory days of Tatra – the aerodynamic cars developed during this era stunned the whole world.

Unfortunately, after the war Tatra didn’t fare well and slowly closed its car production. Today the brand only produces trucks. My concept TATRA 7X follows the iconic period of aerodynamic car.

I followed and developed the aerodynamic shapes of the most successful model 87 (1937-1950). Number 7 was typical name for Tatra brand and “X” used to be use for concept cars ( e.g. 603X). After models 77, 87 and 97 I had idea to skip 97 and continue naming with 117 (by skipping 107 I wanted to represent current years and lost generation), but as Ludwig Mies van der rohe said – less is more. I call it 7X. The 7X.

The 7X is brand new concept with typical Tatra´s identity, details and technical solutions based on futuristic package, modern shapes and long dynamic and luxury proportions.

Tatra 87 - The aerodynamic icon

key inspiration: Tatra 87

(1937 - 1950)

Tatra 87 - The aerodynamic car icon
TATRA 7X with TATRA 87
TATRA 7X | Concept by MMelicharek
TATRA 7X | Concept by MMelicharek

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